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Downtime seems like a distant luxury?


Today’s families have a hyperactive lifestyle.  Weekdays are filled with work, school, and daily chores that fill up any precious, free time.  Weekends are no different. Soccer games, piano practice, house projects, playdates, grocery shopping — you name it.   Ten trips here, there, and everywhere, and the weekend is over. And the worst part about it is that couples are often forced to split up; a divide and conquer mentality for all this running around makes it efficient at the expense of spending time together.  Forget Date Night, but getting a hour’s worth of downtime is also seems like a distant luxury.


Busy Family Parents trying to go on a Date Night


In all this craziness, when do you make time for your spouse?

Do you even remember the word, “date”? Sure, with kids and other responsibilities, this may look like a far off possibility, but making time for each other is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship

Friday Date Nights


Sometimes, just thinking of making time for you and your spouse feels like more work than it’s worth. Who will watch the kids? Neighborhood babysitters are a great option until there are none available. Grandparents live too far away.  How much will this cost? Is there an easy way to make this a reality? And there goes the Friday!

The secret to successful Date Night Circles

Enter Enfavr.  With Enfavr, it’s easy to create a Parent Date Night circle.  Enfavr’s prescriptive formula of forming groups of 4 is the key to creating and managing a Date Night Circle. Here, 3 other couples join your group and you share the babysitting duties.  We call this the Power of 4.  4 seems like the ideal size for a group of parents . Neither too big, and just about manageable, and keeps the group of kids to a manageable extent.

Why will this work? The calendar challenges are also seem to get addressed. There are 4 weeks in a month.  If each parent family offers 1 date night to 3 other members, each parent couple gets 3 date nights simply for volunteering 1.  Absolutely free. This is a time tested formula – and works just about right!  Circles can set their own schedule of date nights weekly, bi-weekly or monthly!

Sound good so far?   

But, how do you do it?

It’s easy. Just go to and sign up to create an account. Once you have created an account follow this link to setup your Date Night Circle

The Date Nights Done Right Contest.
Enfavr Date Nights Done Right Contest










Starting May, Enfavr is running a promotional contest, inviting its current and new members to create their date night circles!  Members can win upto $100 in prize to go out on a date night of their own!  For more details check out the details on the Enfavr Date Nights Done Right Contest special.

What a great opportunity to try out the app and also get the much needed “we” time!

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