Plan Your Next Summer Getaways!

Feel the heat? Of course, cause summer’s finally… finally… finally here! That means it’s time for Summer Getaways! Everyone’s gonna be out and about, school’ll wind down and the kids will be anticipating all sorts of trips. It’s an ideal time to take the entire family out on short outings or vacations lasting the weekend, maybe even a whole week; as well as meet ups with the relatives in reunions; or in the case of teens and grownups, wet and wild summer festivals!

If you’re at a loss on what to do because of the sheer amount of choices, then here are some possible ideas for Summer Getaways to help you out.

These are just general summer vacation ideas for families, just the types of getaways, but we hope they can help you think your plans through. We also included tips for a stress free vacation and ways Enfavr can make your getaway hassle-free!

Here goes:


Splashdown at the Beach

Summer Getaways

What’re Summer Getaways without the beach? See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. Yes, that is a Disney and Moana reference. 

Temperatures are warm enough for enjoying the surf and sand! Better start rummaging through your closet to find those long lost swimsuits and trunks. Grab that wakeboard, strap the life preserver or inner tube on the kiddos cause surf’s up! Sunscreen! Don’t forget the sunscreen, and check if that bottle in your closet hasn’t expired yet!

Here are some great beaches, perfect sites for you to work your tan at! Better yet, if you know some beach-a-holics then go ask ‘em for any tips or secret hideaways that’ll let you beat the crowds.


Trek, Hike or Bike

Summer Getaways Hiking

Enjoy the great outdoors and the wilderness… without turning into a popsicle! Grab those trekking shoes, your mosquito repellent, even that mountain bike! It’s a great opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature and have a healthy workout while you’re at it.

Make it a family activity, bring the kids along so they can get acquainted with the trails and the woods rather than stay at home all day with their Xboxes. Or bring your fur-baby, I’m sure they’d love a nice good walk! If you’re up for more than a casual romp in the bushes, then consider bringing your trusty if seldom-used tent out of storage. Grab some friends and organize a group camping trip!

If you can’t spend a weekend overnighting in the woods, then a day trip or hike is just fine. If you, your little one and your back muscles are up for it… consider using a baby carrier backpack.


Make it Educational for the Kids

Learning about nature

Like this Citizen Science Project to get folks acquainted with Mother Nature! What better way to spend the summer than by joining fun-filled and educational activities that’ll give both kids and their parents an enriched appreciation of the ecosystem? This has the benefit of raising awareness for, and contributing to, important causes advocated by nature-loving groups.


Surprise Summer Snow Skiing

Yes, you heard that alliteration right! Some slopes in California and Nevada still have snow on ‘em and resorts are planning to stay open for two extra months. That means snow through May and maybe even up to July, as CNN reports! So, still remember where you stashed your skis? Or know someone who ain’t gonna use em? Well then, go grab a pair and head for these slopes! Cause while everyone’s doing “mainstream” things at the beach, you’ll literally be the coolest by taking advantage of these surprise summer snowpacks!


The Classic Road Trip

Puppy Trip

Road trips are a quintessential American pastime! Hunter S. Thompson wrote about his trips. The Blues Brothers did it in that classic movie. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, currently airing on Starz, is a great show about an unbelievable one. In the distant past, the station wagon – a car with wood on it, remember? – was even invented for these outings!

Want to visit the grandparents? Or your kids’ favorite cousins? How about Yellowstone Park? See the Grand Canyon! Or something more private, just be with your special someone, for an indulgence-filled jot o’er at Las Vegas, Nevada? (Or be with your best friends, for someone’s bachelor or bachelorette party!)

Fuel up the car, strap on your seat turn up the AC and head down the highway! Go stop by at some old fashioned diners. Take the scenic route and count the cattle you drive by. Squabble over the radio stations. Pray for the next bathroom break. Tell the kids to stop saying “are we there yet?” Check out some of those affordable theme parks, spend some money on tokens and see if you can win prizes. Drive safe and have a whole lot of fun!


Volunteering for a Cause

Whether it’s at a retirement home, fundraisers for good causes, babysitting or packing relief goods for those in need somewhere in the country or abroad, these can be fulfilling alternatives to the usual summer festivities! These make for unique Summer Getaways and you can meet wonderful people too.

Looking for a summer job?
Looking for a summer job?

Love the beach? Swim good? Why not be a lifeguard yourself? Save lives and get a great tan while you’re at it! If you’re really a veteran happy camper then there are places that are seeking new park rangers! Why not? Go protect picnic baskets from Yogi Bear.


Plan and Organize Trips Ahead of Time, Okay?
Summer Getaways
How to be a Happy Camper

P.O.T.A.T.O. If you’re doing a group outing – like a camping trip – then you better get organized! Plan things ahead so you can spare yourselves a lot of grief, like forgetting to bring flashlights just when it’s sundown in the wilderness. Or having not enough toothbrushes… you sure ain’t gonna share ‘em with your camping buddies. We hope.

Pack the essentials. TP. Antihistamines and inhalers for the allergic and asthmatic! Marshmallows and sticks and Grahams to have S’mores for everyone!


Enfavr Can Help With Summer Getaways! Here’s how:

With Enfavr, you can make or accept requests and keep track of ‘em. This is really handy if you’re dividing resources and tasks, figuring out who brings this, who is borrowing that and the like. On one hand it might not seem so important to keep track of the nitty gritty details, on the other hand it’s really important to make sure things get done ahead of time. You can always get ready at the last minute, just like going at the airport, but that means you’ll almost always miss something. Or stress everyone out. Don’t do that, OK? 

Enfavr will enable you to inform the gang if the task has been accomplished or if someone needs help completing what they’re supposed to do. If things are too busy or hectic, one can easily lose track of one’s responsibilities. Then you run out of toilet paper. Or drinking water.  So spare yourselves the hassle. 

If the kids aren’t coming along, you can also find a babysitter with Enfavr. Maybe the sitter’s one of your trusted friends who’s not coming? A more indoorsy type. If they prefer to just stay in and read a book or just Netflix And Chill, then ask them a Favr, a babysitting request so they can watch over the little ones at the same time!

The same goes for your pets. If you got a friend who ain’t keen on the wilderness, then ask ‘em to watch Fido for you. That can be their experience with the wildlife, lol.  


Safety! Safety! Safety!

First Aid

Did we mention… safety? If you’re going trekking, try not to go at it alone. Be sure to bring insect repellent. Have a reliable GPS device or navigation app (same goes for road trips). It’s really best if you bring someone along – even Fido. Tell someone, your mother, anyone, where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

Bring lots of water. Bring a noisemaker. Protective clothing because it can get hot but with climate change, the weather can be fickle and sudden rains or temperature drops aren’t unheard of. Make sure you’ve got reflective clothing or gear so you won’t get lost in the dark. Familiarize yourself with your destination. 

If you’re going to the beach (or anywhere else for that matter), then be sure to pay attention to the warning signs! Yes, the lifeguards may be total eye candy but whether it’s David Hasselhoff or The Rock, they’ve undoubtedly got a lot on their plate. They’d also probably rather not scrub jellyfish stingers off of you. So try not to have a cramp when you’re out there wading or else you might end up being famous on Youtube.


Make Summer a Blast!

Summer Fun!

There are lots of places both near and far that’ll give you incredible moments, expectedly or otherwise. Some can be high profile destinations, Disneyland, the popular beaches and so on. Others can be pretty low-key, the cliched cabin in the woods, or just a trip home to the parents. Outdoors at night, with nothing but the woods around you, the tent nearby… and a sky full of stars above you. Woah.

Of course, one of the most important things is the company you bring with you. Whether you’re on your lonesome or with your favorite people, fam or friends, if you’re good with ‘em (or yourself) then you’re gonna be in for some quality time. Otherwise, well… imagine that 1-star review you gave that unsatisfying restaurant, and apply that to your whole experience. Not fun.

All this means is that it’s not hard to have swell Summer Getaways! In fact, it’s pretty easy. Homebodies don’t even have to go that far out to have a good time. A good place and good people, that’s it. Some might even prefer it if everyone else heads off, leaving behind nothing but peace and quiet. Variety’s the spice of life, of course. But comfort zones, familiar nooks and crannies, old favorites and spots rife with nostalgia are great too. In a way, memorable moments in the most mundane of places can be quite the surprise!

We’re not saying that going out isn’t worthwhile, because Summer Getaways are quite the experience. But we’re just saying that not going out isn’t necessarily not worthwhile either. They aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.


Remember to Give Back

There’s one more thing we’d like to bring up regarding your perfect Summer Getaways. Of course when talking about traveling, the first thing one considers is what a place offers the intrepid journeyer… what we’ll experience there, who we’ll meet, the events, the delicious food…the music. But we ourselves are no less a part of this than our destinations.

We have to remember what WE can give to the places and people we touch in our travels. Let’s not leave those places less than they were before we dropped by, let’s not give the hosts and locals reasons to grumble. Be polite, don’t leave things behind for the cleanup crew, clean up after yourselves and don’t be too loud. If a place, be it a movie theater or a quiet religious site, isn’t suitable for young kids’ preferences, then come back some other time.

With our good behavior, we can enrich our destinations with our presence as well as our tourist dollars! So let’s be kind and helpful to our fellow travelers as well.  As the saying goes, wherever you go, “take nothing but pictures and leave only footprints.

Of course, you can always buy lots of souvenirs too. Support local industries! The fridge magnet and keychain industries!

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