Are You Ready to Bring Your Kids to Work?

April is almost coming to an end. With the tax season tasks now taken care of, it is time to celebrate spring in its fullest sense. Some of you are getting ready to plan the graduation parties for your not-so-little-ones-anymore, others are planning for summer camps for your kids and making plans for your own summer vacations or staycations. Now that spring breaks are over, time to bid farewell to winter officially with one last ski trip and welcome the warm days ahead with a smile, a renewed sense of freedom and a new look at life.

Spring is f-i-n-a-l-l-y here.

With it comes numerous occasions. We’ve just had Easter and that’s the one everybody talks about during April… but there’s another under-looked event that’s worth looking into. You know how parents – and their work! – serve as role models and inspirations, for their children? Well, Thursday, April 27 is bring your sons and daughters to work day. Save the date! As you are getting ready to welcome spring, don’t forget this important event that will make big difference in the lives of your children.


kids work

Give Your Kids The Chance To See you 360

Organizations across the world now organize events to allow parents to bring their kids to work. According to Forbes, in the United States alone, more than 37 million parents from 3.5 million organizations will bring their kids to work on this day.

Show your kids what you do for a living. Make them aware that there is another part of your life beyond what they routinely see at home! It gives them an opportunity to understand the role you play in the larger world beyond home. It helps them appreciate how and why it fulfills you emotionally, intellectually and gives you an opportunity to contribute better not only to your family but also your organization, your community and society.

Be prepared to handle a range of emotions, from pride and curiosity to disappointment. Yes, the little munchkins have opinions too! It should not come as a surprise if you are not a shining star or superhero in your child’s eyes.

One mom, who works as a customer support specialist took her son to her office. She told him that she fixes people’s computers when they stop working. She felt so proud and expected to be seen as the Problem Solver Super Mom! Little did she know that the boy would say: “So you actually wait for things to go wrong so you can fix it? That is one pathetic job!”

Ouch… that hurts.

Reality Checks

What if the place you work at is not as fascinating to those little eyes as a fire truck or a police station?  This is a chance to educate them on the value of jobs that might not seem as amazing as being an astronaut. Show them how by repairing computers you help bring joy to other people, just like like how Daddy fixing broken toys can bring joy to their lives!

Humor aside, this also is an opportunity for you to find out whether your child’s interests are the same as yours.  It gives you time to discover your child’s interests and their passions. Is your child a problem-solver? An entrepreneur? Or a gifted musician? 

Use this opportunity to get to know your child. See the way their eyes light up when you take them into a meeting room and give them a glimpse of how business topics are discussed and how teamwork works in the real world. Give them a chance to interact with your colleagues, and help them build and hone their social skills.


April is the Month of Possibilities

Talking about work… Are you happy with your job? Or maybe you have been dodging this question for far too long? According to Gallup Polls, almost half of the employed workforce is disengaged with their work. Well, that is every other person of the employed workforce!

dream job

Maybe it is time for you to rethink your priorities, find your passion, find something you love. Evaluate whether your current job is the dream job you’ve always wanted or something you just had to “settle” for. Paying bills is important. But, so is living the life you have always wanted.

Let that spring in your step propel you into taking a deeper look at your life itself. Maybe it is time for you to embrace change, realize that you have the freedom to do what is right for you and what makes you happy. With that, teach your kids about opportunities, risks and the positive attitude towards life. So cherish the day with your child and use it wisely.


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