Fun, Frights & Friendship: An EnFavr Story

It’s story time, everyone! This time, Enfavr user John Vincent shared how he had hilarious hijinks while doing a Favr, namely helping a friend look for her lost pet.


He shares this great story with us:

Our friend Angel’s adorable little Shih Tzu, Pepper, ran out of the house a few days ago. ngel was really getting stressed out because she was constantly worrying about what might’ve happened to Pepper. The little ball of fluff was like Angel’s daughter and back in the day, when Pepper had puppies, Angel even said that she was the grandma of Pepper’s babies. A She really needed help and as a favor some of us couple of us lent her a hand by posting a message on Enfavr, requesting people to pass out flyers everywhere in the neighborhood and all that.

We were asking people if they saw Angel’s lost pet wander by recently. 

Then we got a lead!

Some of the bystanders who lived near some wooded parts of our neighborhood saw a fluffy dog that matched Pepper’s description. Eagerly, we followed their direction and ended up somewhere scary.

It was deep and dark, kinda remote. And adjacent to a cemetery, no kidding! It was some abandoned unfinished construction site on the verge of being consumed by the foliage… we were pretty much in some kind of Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park movie. The crickets were chirping, the sun was starting to go down and it was getting pretty humid. We were also beginning to feel tired because it was becoming late.

We were in a part where the unfinished foundations of a building, along with some crumbling partially-built walls and pillars, were half-eaten by the vegetation… and it smelled really bad. And we saw a really creepy sight: two uncooked chickens nailed to the wall, as if someone was preparing them… or performing some ritual!

We weren’t waiting for whoever was living there to come back.

No way. We skedaddled outta there pronto, backtracked through the foliage, tiptoed around some ditches and just left. Right in time for total sundown, phew! We were just glad to be out there!

We asked the people who lived nearby what was up with the place. They said there might be some vagrants sneaking around there. We didn’t really want to know what was up, so we decided to call it a day. We had some pizza afterwards and celebrated being alive.

For the next few days we continued looking at other places, but eventually we stopped searching. Then a month later, after Angel had the most depressing Christmas ever, someone called up and said they had Pepper! They saw the posters we plastered all over the place and realized that it was the same dog that they found and picked up.

So they gave Pepper back and Angel had the happiest reunion ever.

Lost pet found. The end, right?

Months later we still can’t forget the experience of looking for a lost pet and ending up getting ourselves lost in the woods. We still talk about it! And I guess, that’s what friends are for: to help each other out, get into all sorts of trouble and ultimately look back and laugh at it all!

Now THAT is an unforgettable Favr! Thanks, John. Who knew something so ordinary could turn into such an unsettling situation? We’re glad you made through it unscratched and that Pepper the dog made it home. It’s great to hear about how you and your friends were able to bond together after everything you experienced! And helping lost pets is always a good cause.

That’s what Enfavr is all about.

Well, minus the horror story scenario with the chickens.

Dear readers, do you folks also have your own interesting, humorous or outrageous experiences while using Enfavr? Share them with us! Don’t be shy, we won’t bite… much.

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