For Your Man: Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a time to get intimate and passionate with your special someone, to treat each other even more than you do on your regular date nights. Love is in the air, as the song goes, coming with spring when winter’s cold gives way, when flowers bloom in the warmth and when poetic phrases flow like the melting snow ( 😉 ). Likewise, your love for one another can also blossom as you express your sensitive feelings for one another in the season’s most idyllic ambiance.

Yes, this romantic bond is something that is present all year round, but we need our special rituals, as they are commemorations and reminders that actually enrich our experiences beyond the day of the occasion itself. So that’s where the chocolates and roses come from… and more.

We mustn’t forget his desires… but what to give the man in your life? You can go with those chocolates and roses, of course. It can be a clever twist if he is the one who receives them. But what else can be offered to men? This question has many answers but we’ll go with the ones that have their quirks, that have elegance in simplicity, and the ones that capture the essence of the Valentine’s Day season: Being together.

Undivided Attention

Ask them, chances are a lot will say that’s what they want. Undivided attention. Quality time with their special someone, which can be a rarity in the hustle and bustle of modern day life. This is most especially the case either of your occupations keep one of you – or both of you – away from home for stretches of time. Doctors with rounds, self-made entrepreneurs frequently out on business trips, jobs involving deliveries and shipping, deployment in the armed services, these responsibilities can eat up a lot of time, sometimes even resulting in long-distance relationships.

In situations like these, the most important thing you can give each other is your presence and a simple, no-frills Valentine’s Day celebration can allow you to focus on just that. So both of you, go take a day off or two and have a romantic time with each other.

Here are some ideas you can try out to make this happen:
A Home-Cooked Valentine’s Day Meal:











Everyone says home-cooking is healthier and more affordable – and yes, it sure can be. But for those who are short on time frequently can’t sit down, relax and take the time to make something delicious at home. Well, if that’s the case, then make this Valentine’s Day special by preparing something with tender loving care. Use Enfavr Commons to ask for advice or recipes if you want more options. Light some candles, chill a bottle of wine, maybe set up a few decorations around the living room (not too excessive though) and just have some quiet “us” time with each other.

A Date on the Day, or Weekend After:

The best way to beat the V-Day dinner crowds, potential traffic jams and actually get a reservation! Have a staycation for V-Day, do the Home-Cooked V-Day Meal… and THEN do the romantic dinner take with the flowers and the roses and the wine at a fancy place a day or two after Valentine’s itself, maybe even the weekend, after the crowds have thinned out and when the best places aren’t fully booked. Cunning plan, huh?

Yes, Netflix and Chill for V-Day:

Even simpler, if both of you are into really no-frills Together Time. Just cuddle up in bed, keep warm, pay no mind to the outside world, the weather, work, the news or anything. You’ve got each other, your Netflix subscription and enough time to binge watch almost an entire season. What else could anyone want?

By having some quality Time Together with no interruptions and nothing on the agenda but you and your special someone, you can get romantic, passionate and intimate in the comfort of your own home… without having to deal with V-Day traffic or making last minute reservations at some overcrowded fancy restaurant with slow, overwhelmed service.

The Gift of Choice

From personal experience… at times, clothes just are not the best gifts, unless you know his size perfectly well and his weight hasn’t changed in the interim. Even if you know him perfectly well, sometimes personal preferences can be hard to predict… and there’s always the risk of getting him something that he’s already got! This can be the case if you’re not into that particular niche hobby he’s into, if you’re not familiar with the latest version of whatever gadget, headphones, camping tool or collectible sneakers he’s fixated on.

Gift Certificates to the Rescue:

Yes, it might not seem as thoughtful, but there’s elegance in this simplicity. He can actually choose when to cash in his Golden Ticket and if he’s actually been quietly jonesing for this kind of gizmo or that kind of book, then a gift certificate’s just what the doctor ordered! It can also be a lifesaver if it turns out that he actually needs something stat – new gym clothes, a brand new graphics card for his gaming rig, a culinary blowtorch… even groceries for the fridge that he’s forgot to restock. Yes, that happens dear. If he’s the frugal type he’ll be eternally grateful if that Gift Certificate gets him a month’s worth of bacon he won’t have to pay for himself.

Tickets to His Favorite Events:

So sports. A football game? Hockey matches? Even a pro-wrestling pay-per-view! He’ll absolutely love it, though if it’s not your thing you can consider the bands and musicians you’ve got in common. Or you can turn the tables around and introduce him to something YOU want.

Simplicity is Elegance, Simplicity is Love

Sometimes it’s just refreshing to keep things simple and focus on what’s essential. It can be liberating and it can rekindle passions and feelings because it is done wholeheartedly, because the importance is placed in the act itself, rather than the trappings, which can be a pleasure in their own right but can also be distractions especially when time is short.

In these circumstances, it becomes all the more important to remember the meaning behind Valentine’s Day – namely, in our connection with our special others and our need to spend quality time with them. Find that and you’ll find all the romance and passion you need – whether it’s at home Netflix-ing and Chill-ing or dancing in the moonlight or on a Valentine’s date a weekend (or even two!) after V-Day after the restaurant decorations are taken down!

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