7 Ways to Make your Valentine’s Day Easier and Fun!

 Love is in the air. In less than 7 days, people all around you will be professing their love to some of the most important people in their lives. Husbands, wives, kids, friends, siblings, lovers, parents, grand parents, great grand parents, in-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins and pets. Most of you are scrambling around trying to find that perfect gift to symbolize your love for that special someone! Furthermore, the internet is overloaded with tips and guides aimed at making this day perfect, which honestly leaves you more confused!

Is Love a portrayal of the idyllic montage of red roses, pink ribbons, chocolates, champagne and wine dinners? OR  Is it a celebration of all the wonderful experiences you have shared with that special person in your life – your spouse, child, sibling, friend, parent?.

Are Valentine’s Day planning efforts driving you to the point of insanity? Do you feel you are running out of your wits trying to keep up with the “Valentine’s”  Jones-es to craft that perfect Valentine’s day gift or experience for your loved ones. Probably you are not alone! As it turns out most people are very apprehensive about their “V-Day” moments. Most of all, there is so much emphasis on the exhibitionistic form of love rather than more practical, realistic and experiential form of love. Gifts exchanged as symbols of love end up at the bottom of the closet or the drawer, much like the holiday gifts. Consequently, is it a surprise, there is disappointment, loss of trust and heart-ache even from apparently, the best well-designed, perfect gift.

This Valentine’s Day, why not make it easier by doing things that are simple, enjoyable, fun and memorable. Ditch the planning and opt for spontaneity, something spur-of-the moment!  Here are 7 ideas that will make you feel the love in your fingers and toes!

Fun idea 1

Get Local

Walk or Drive over to the nearest coffee shop and enjoy a coffee with croissant with your loved one. Spend time talking to each other ABOUT EACH OTHER. No cell phones and certainly no to-do Lists. Let this moment be about you. Reflect on why you are together, express what you mean for each other why you are an important part of each others life.

Enjoy coffee with croissant with your loved one at a local coffee shop

Fun idea 2

Forgo Tradition

Have you always bought roses for Valentine’s Day? Do something different. Buy a plant as symbol of your love. Watch your love grow as the plant grows and cherish the memories of the significant events and moments of your life. The Chinese Money Plant is an adorable V-Day gift for that special someone in your life. Legend has it the Chinese money plant brings prosperity and luck. Therefore why not make this a symbol of love as well?

                           Give a Chinese Money Plant instead of roses

Fun idea 3

Jump into Bed

If you are parents and have kids, crawl into your children’s beds at dawn to watch them wake up from their sleep, twitching their noses. Get into a tickle spar or start a pillow fight! Also, unleash the child in you, and with it all the liberties you can give yourself, to be like them and have fun. Share with them their hearty laughter, boisterous screams and smile your way to happiness!
                          Family Pillow Fights

Fun idea 4

Pancake Party


Get your family together for the hearty family breakfast. Make pancakes or waffles or your favorite family breakfast item. While you are at the table, get all members of your family to label a pancake with their understanding and meaning of love.  For ex: “This pancake is a symbol of my love for Daddy because he reads me stories at bed-time”. Some of you may choose to notch up the fun by making heart shaped or smiley faced pancakes.


                           Pancake Party for Valentine's Day

Fun idea 5

 A Walk to Remember

If you are in regions where it is still snowing,  go on a snow-shoe hike with your loved ones. Yes, bring the kids and pets. Not only will your get your heart racing from the activity, but also you will strengthen the bonds of your relations with the most important people in your life while enjoying the beautiful times of the season with many fun moments

                        Snow-shoe adventures with your family

Fun idea 6

Love Thy Nature

Cook a meal at home with organic or sustain-ably grown food products and ingredients. Express your love for nature as a way of showing people who live around you that you care for them and the world they live in.

                     Cook a meal from scratch with organic ingredients

Fun idea 7

Spread the Love

Donate money to a favorite charity in the name of love. Share the precious gift of your love in the most meaningful way possible. Organizations all over the world, hold special fund raising campaigns for V-Day. Need a nudge?.  Try out UN Foundation and Charity Miles  or  Heifer International amazing Amazing Causes – designed to help you spread your love for humanity


What is your idea of an Valentine’s Day Celebration that is simple, easy and fun? We would like to hear from you. Post your comment below or write to us.

Share with us your experiences your unique experiences, of that moment you were eagerly waiting for. That moment when their eyes light up from sheer joy, love and trust to signal their true love for you.

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