Make Your Super Bowl Sunday Party Unforgettable!

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, that monumental event when Americans will buy 12.5 million pizzas, devour 1.33 billion chicken wings and drink 49.2 million cases of beer as they watch the ultimate event in American football unfold in Houston’s NRG Stadium!


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While the Patriots and Falcons face off to decide who takes home the trophy and the glory of being number one, and entertainers like Lady Gaga do their thing, you’ll be watching this unfold in your living rooms with your family and friends.

You are probably hurrying to fill up that to-do list, trying to get your perfect Super Bowl gathering planned and leaving no stone unturned till you are satisfied with the preparations.

And if you’re the one organizing the gathering, then the pressure is on you. So game on!

How about doing something different this year to make it a one-of-a-kind experience? After all, it is the time of the year when families and friends come together in an event like no other occasion in America – not even like Thanksgiving!

So as the Super Bowl host who’s bringing bros together, you might need a hand. And Enfavr can help make your Super Bowl Sunday preparations easier and turn the party into a total blast!


Do this The Enfavr Way by enlisting the help of your community!

Need a bartender to mix up those cool and appetizing cocktails, find a neighbor or a friend to do this and post a Favr request!

Have artsy people in your friend’s circle? Call upon them to create a perfect decor for your living room. Those pictures of your munchkins with the Super Bowl themed backgrounds in them will make for a lifetime of memories.  


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Better get your game face on! And get your face paint game on too! Find a face paint artist from your local community who wouldn’t mind sparing a few hours to give your guests a fan-tastic experience  

Get a photographer to capture those moments of joy, suspense, excitement and euphoria. This is an event like no other. After all, you’ll be playing the perfect gracious host or hostess, so taking top photos won’t be at the top of your mind! You’ll probably also need a scrapbooking artist to put together that piece of art to cherish.

Get a DJ to setup the sound system for a post-game karaoke, and more since the after-party is when the real fun happens. It’s when your guests get into heated discussions about the players and the game, knock back a few brewskis and look back at all the day’s unforgettable thrills.


Friendly Food Favrs

While the teams jostle for the pigskin, make touchdowns and bone-jarring intercepts, audiences in their living rooms will watch with baited breath to see who takes home the prize. Turns out being on the edge of the seat for an hours-long game can sure build an appetite, huh?



After all, it’s not like those 1+ billion chicken wings and 12.5 million pizzas are going to eat themselves, right?

Are you still ordering Domino’s Pizza? How about adopting a “home-made” theme for a change?  It is fresher, healthier, tastier and special. Find a friend who can bake a pizza.



If you are buying the chips, get a friendly chef to make you a delicious dip or special salsa. Better yet, find someone who can contribute home-made chips! They can even upgrade it to tacos. Believe it or not, these are actually balanced meals!


Home-made desserts, whether pie or cookies, are just pure heaven and absolutely perfect with ice cream. Ala mode is the best ever. It’s a scientific fact!



Maybe you have always wanted to fire the grill but were never the “grilling” specialist? Find a neighborhood grilling expert. Invite him or her to your party!  This is a win-win for both of you. And if this neighbor is not a football fan, you will get a chance to reciprocate at a future event.

Super Bowl is more than a crucible for athleticism. It is also a once in a year phenomenon that brings friends and family together for a few hours of unique, emotionally-charged, exhilarating experiences. And food is vital for this, nourishing the soul in the most timeless way – providing fuel to keep the party going!


An Unforgettable Festival of Favrs!

Make your Super Bowl Sunday a showcase of culinary masterpieces, an absolute feast! Bring your friends together, old and new alike, fill their stomachs and their hearts. Show everyone who’s the King or Queen of Super Bowl Sunday parties, the champ who runs the camp and the undisputed ruler of the ruckus! With affordable expenses!

Selfie time!

And remember, no matter which team comes out on top, you guys are the real winners! A great time with great people and great food is the ultimate trophy one can bring home.

So smile your way into the night and reward yourself with the thought that you have taken one step to bring your community together. You’ve built a circle of trusted friends and neighbors who you can count on and be counted upon! You’ve also made your Super Bowl Sunday easier to manage. And most importantly, you’ve had tons of fun doing it – and that’s a real touchdown right there!   


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