Flavors of Favrs: Using Enfavr During the Holidays


In our first series of blogisodes, we’ve shown ways to make life easier and help one another with Enfavr. We have shown how to Harness the Power of Four, organize Date Night Groups and establish reliable circles of babysitters. These provide  new ways to care for our loved ones, rekindle relationships, socialize and connect with each other. Ultimately they also let us build communities based on trust, the sharing of responsibilities, reciprocation and helping people out.

That is why Enfavr is useful for the holidays and vacations, whether it’s for Christmas or the year’s other occasions. With it you can find someone to watch over your stuff. It is also useful for making plans with the folks you’re visiting.

Here are some Favrs you can request for the holidays:
  • When you’re away, you can post a Home-sitting Favr and have a trusted buddy keep an eye on your place. If your buddy is visiting your town, he can be a guest and a home-sitter at the same time!
  • While a cactus or a succulent can last for quite a bit without watering, other plants are not as hardy. Request a Favr for Plantcare and have someone lend a green thumb whether it’s for a prized flower garden or for simple lawn mowing. They can do it while Home-sitting for you too!
  • If you’ve got a car,  you can offer Rideshare and Carpool services. And if you need a ride, then to paraphrase the saying: request a Favr and yea shall receive! These are handy for airport trips, when you’re visiting grandma or having a reunion with the fam.
  • Need a place to stay during your vacation? Find a Host with a Favr, someone trusted who’s got room to spare in his or her place. By making arrangements using Enfavr, you can keep track of them and remember when it’s your turn to reciprocate. Then you can Be the Host yourself if the reunion is happening in your area or if friends or family are vacationing there.
  • Use Enfavr to request Gift Deliveries if you can’t make the drop-off or if you want to surprise the recipient. You can also do this for Valentine’s Day too, sending flowers or chocolates to that special someone while keeping things mysterious and exciting!
These Favrs are also for regular seasons!

Enfavr is for all things great and small for an untold multitude of acts and boons people can give and receive. With Christmas upon us, this gift giving is something precious and priceless that we must remember to continue this after the Yuletide, past the New Year fireworks.

We hope this helps you and your family enjoy your Happy Holidays!

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