Out and About: Finding Fun and Planning Date Nights


There are many ways to do these date nights. What interests the both of you? What are the things you love doing and what have you always wanted to try out?

Be sure to open up to the possibility of liking something unexpected, something you’ve never thought of before that the both of you can go bananas over together.

Here are some suggestions for going Out and About:

Dinner at your favorite restaurants and seeing movies are simple, straightforward and foolproof. Familiar places have the perks of convenience and comfort, but there are also more impulsive options.

Try going out with no plan and make things up on the fly, drive around and discover new places. You might find pleasant surprises and hole-in-the-wall establishments that’ll become new favorites.

Find somewhere with a nice view and turn it into a nighttime picnic.  Breathe in the fresh air, feel the distance from everyday life’s hustle and bustle. Enjoy the sights and each other’s company.

Have some cotton candy and ice cream at the local carnival. Play some games, go win a stuffed animal! Try the rides, hop on the Ferris wheel or the merry-go-around. Be young, be silly!

Find the local trivia night sessions and see if you can still get those obscure pop culture references, just make sure you do your homework by binging the latest Netflix series!

Go check out an art show and be wowed by the performers.

Speaking of the arts, why not learn something new together? Join dance classes, something intimate like salsa, or artistic and hobbyist groups. You might rekindle an old talent or discover that you’ve got a knack for something totally new!

You can even be the one to start such a group. Gather friends and people with similar interests. If you’ve got the skills for it, then take the lead, you can share your passions with others while honing your abilities.

Setting up a group like this also makes babysitting easier if the participants are willing to form Parent Date Night Groups with Enfavr. Then you can take turns between going out and babysitting duties.

There are all sorts of date night options – choices in venues, new trends and fads you can jump into, and helpful hands who can be trusted with some of your responsibilities for a few hours.

In this day and age, they are becoming more convenient and accessible. Possibilities are just waiting to be found and experienced – so go ahead and take the first step!

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