Welcome to Enfavr!

Enfavr is Live!

Welcome to Enfavr, a trusted network for friends and communities to share services, reciprocally.

Enfavr is a new spin on the principles that have held our societies together since the dawn of time. It is all about transforming them to the realities of the 21st century. It is about giving people more opportunities in their lives.

At Enfavr, we believe that people are basically good. We have aspirations, desires, needs and also challenges that go with them – which is what makes our lives interesting.


People do favors for people who they care about and trust, they do so even for strangers in need.  Whether it is to seek help, enrich our lives or simply just be the good citizen that one can be, Enfavr brings people together to collaborate on the basis of trust, to seek and provide services. To share their skills, time or expertise.

So sign up on Enfavr, check out what we have to offer, make new friends, ask for a Favr or do a Favr.  Collaborate. Reciprocate. Share. Whether it is to get someone to watch Milo while you are travelling, or getting a trusted neighbor to help you with lessons in Tuscan cuisine, and of course!, borrow-a-cup-of-sugar type of requests, Enfavr, can help. The possibilities are endless!

Tell us what you think. Like us on Facebook  or gives us a shoutout on Twitter!

This is just the beginning and, as the song goes, the best is yet to come!


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