8 Ways to Live Life Version 5.0

Children dream big, while adults let their limits define them. That is human nature. As adults, we are always trapped in the constraints of time. It is always the same routine. We wake up, send the kids to school, prepare for work, and spend the rest of the day making a living. We come home, take care of the kids, go to sleep and the same mundane things happen all over again the next day. We treat life like it’s unglamorous. We forget that there are areas in our life that we can still explore.

We live in an age where we consider the 40s, the new 30s, and the 30s, as the new 20s. There are always new hobbies, new places to visit and new people to meet. You do not have to feel trapped in your domestic or career life, especially if you feel that it’s the only thing you really ever do. You can be happier than you already are.

Here are 8 of the hundreds of things that you can venture into to maximize how the way you’re living your life. Think of it as an upgraded version of the life you’re living now.

1. Take a vacation.

Did you know that there are studies that prove that people who go on vacation at least once every 2 years have a lower risk of getting a heart attack than those who don’t? It is important to unwind. Taking a vacation can clear your mind, and let you reevaluate your decisions. You also become more productive after. It’s just a fact. People get a clearer state of mind after getting back from a well-deserved vacation.

2. Update your wardrobe.

Not that you need to, but it’s always good to take some time to look at what’s in your closet. Purge all those that you no longer wear, and get some new ones. Shop. Actually take time to go around, and ask the store dealers, attendants or personal shoppers what they can offer you and what would look good on you. Hire a personal stylist if you can afford it. When you look good, you will feel good. That’s not just something that advertising experts feed us. It’s the truth. Just remember to always dress your age.

3. Join a marathon.

There are several marathons sponsored by different organizations, companies and even the city government that you can always join. You don’t have to train for the IronMan Triathlon to feel active. Walk and run! Train for and join in a marathon. Your body will thank you, and you will feel rewarded. You’ve always set limits for yourself that you can’t run that far or that long a time. So train for it, and confront the limitations in your mind. Nothing feels as good as getting past the finish line. Plus, most of these marathons support a cause. So you get to help other people at the same time.

4. Support a cause.

There are people who care about the environment or they volunteer in an animal shelter. You’re never too old to contribute to your community. Think about the causes that you

feel very strongly about, and act on it. You can even influence your children to do the same.

5. Treat your parents to a date.

We are always just sons and daughters to our parents. Having a family or a flourishing career would mean nothing if we don’t look back and just give thanks for what our parents have done for us when we were little. Treat your parents out to lunch or dinner. Visit them if they live far away. Remember that an attitude of gratitude always goes a long way.

6. Do that thing you used to be good at.

Did you use to learn ballet in school, or play the piano? Take some time every week to do it again. Most of the things we learn, we never forget. It’s not too late to succeed in it one more time.

7. Learn a second language.

…Or a third language, for that matter. Aside from giving your brain a boost, it could open up more opportunities for you in your career.

8. Write a blog.

Whether you’re doing it for business or for personal reasons, maintaining a blog will make you feel more in tune with what’s going on in the world and in your community. It would give you the opportunity to share your expertise to the very same people who share your interests and struggles. The most important, as well as the most mundane topics in the world are discussed through blogs. They are shared through social media and on other similar platforms.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to do all these things; to not feel trapped in your career or your domestic life? It is difficult to insert these things in your schedule. Making time for yourself gets tricky when you have lots of responsibilities. You need to juggle all the important roles you have to play on a daily basis.

This is why it would be really great to have a group that you can always rely on. That’s what we are all about. We are a community. A community who feels that asking for help is okay. Living a more updated version of your life is not possible without the help of friends or a community. How great would it be to have a trusted group, who can help you watch the kids on certain days of the month, so that you can do what you have to do? Can you finally go out on a long overdue date with your husband or wife because a reliable person from your community can watch your kids? Are you willing to return the favor? Let us know from the comments below.

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