Start up now, be the CEO of your life

Start up now, be the CEO of your life

“There is roughly one startup in every street of San Francisco, if not more.” I heard this while talking to a honcho at a leading Information Technology company.

So what is it about startups that excite us? What’s the first emotion we feel when we hear someone starting up?

Is it just about being the boss of your own time? Is it about innovation or just a quirky streak of the personality?

In my many encounters with this new, proliferating breed of entrepreneurs a few characteristics stood out.

Strong belief in their ideas

Do you remember seeing a five-year old making two parallel lines and calling it a rail track with innocent confidence? That’s the confidence we see in startup founders, of course topped with a lot of research and equal dosage of reality checks. But the belief in their idea is absolute and that drives them to prove it right.

Unapologetic opinion seekers

They are ready to debate on their ideas and hear out as many opinions as possible. More importantly, they have a group they can resort to for advice, for help and for meaningful discussions.

Possessive about their time

And this is not just about time management to fit in the mundane stuff. This is real, fierce attitude to only focus on actions that matter. Even if it’s thinking time, it gets scheduled and done. It could be cold calling to gauge the market and may not yield any results – if it’s important, it will be done. They do not just say yes to any meeting request or every event.

I may, can and will go wrong

May be after a few hiccups, but the startup founders accept they may not be perfect. In fact, they are happy to be that way. They stay real.

They reach out

Sooner than later most of them learn to reach out to their contacts, to people they meet at events, and to ex-colleagues. It may feel like blatant marketing, but it’s not. It’s just who they are, their own startup and they love talking about it. They try to build genuine relationships that could help them tangibly or intangibly.

All of us get stuck with the regularity of life. Answering every call, going to every event, falling and forgetting to get up after failures and worst not reaching out to friends.

And we are waiting for a magic wand to suddenly fix things one fine morning. How would you live if you were to treat your life as your own startup business? May be we could take a few tips from the startup founders.

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