Of Parenthood, Asking Favors, and Sharing Time

The concept of having kids is one of the most beautiful things to look forward to. Of course, our children remain to be the most amazing miracle to happen to us mothers. It just cannot be denied that despite the wonderful feelings of being a parent, it brings out the “messiest” parts in us. You will have to say goodbye to quiet early morning tea, coffee time or some me-time in the bath tub. You’ll realize that date nights with the husband have become less frequent, or at least it’s difficult to set time for it in your calendar.  It’s the same for working and full time moms. Being a parent  is simply not a walk in the park, especially when it comes to making time for everything else. Kids are simply the number one priority. No questions asked.

Five years ago, I once had to attend a very important interview for a company I’ve waited so long to call me back. It was finally happening. There was only one problem. I had no one to leave my 5 month old baby with. Well, there’s always someone if you’re ready to take the risk of leaving your child with a sitter you don’t know. I was just really lucky that I have a mom and a sister I could call to help me out even when they also have their own kids and household to think about. It seems like a really simple favor to ask, but even our families and closest friends also have things going on in their lives.



Money can pay for a sitter, but most times it cannot pay for important favors like asking someone to give up their precious time to help you out. That was the most essential takeaway I got from that experience. I got the job, by the way. It was the same job that allowed me to support my child and provide for his needs for the next 5 years.

Parents don’t survive alone in this world. We get by from a little help from family, friends and even complete strangers from our community. After all, being a parent is the toughest job in the world. It tests your patience, your morals, your self esteem and your whole being. It is normal and definitely okay to ask for help. Just don’t forget to return the favor in any way you can. Do reciprocate. You will be amazed at how time becomes a gift that is so wonderful to receive, that you won’t have qualms of giving it back when others need it most.


We’re just really lucky to live in these times. It is amazing to know that moms share what they have to other moms despite the complexities of this modern world. Moms have a unique community, an online presence that cannot be ignored. The wisdom, experiences and time shared are so precious, that sometimes you feel really privileged to be part of this era. You get all the resources that you need when it comes to knowing the struggles of parenthood and how to overcome these. Thank goodness for good people; and the Internet. We get to build better relationships with other and raise happier children.


What about you? How do you get by with balancing your time when it comes to your kids and everything else? Who do you turn to when you need a favor as a parent? Tell us your thoughts by filling out the comments section below.

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