Why Time is Tricky: Or is It Really?

Time is a tricky thing. People they think they have enough until they find out that they have run out of it. With time management problems, we think that the challenge only comes from the lack of time. This is why we glorify the concept of being busy. What we forget is that our time is worth something, and when other people do not value it as much as we do, we get frustrated.


Blame it on the Industrial Revolution where people started using clocks in order to synchronize work hours. The time you spend working is equivalent to something monetary.


It is only normal that you end up very conscious with how you spend your time. You can’t simply say that time just passes by, when you know that every minute can be quantified with the amount of money you earn for the time you spend working.


Fast forward to the present time, we now live in a world where people have varying degrees as to how they value their time. Time for most of us is monochromatic, in that we follow a strict calendar as to how we go about our daily lives. These days, to say that someone is “wasting your time” actually means something. It could impact your business, your activities and your professional and personal relationships.

So when you find yourself asking how much your time is worth, you may want to really think about it. Is it really just the number of hours? Does your one hour as an employee of a big corporation equal to the one hour of that corporation’s CEO? You will surely answer this with a quick NO. This is because we live in a world where one person’s value is assessed based on his/her contributions. This could also be one of the reasons why people climb up the corporate ladder or involve themselves in start-up business ventures, which they know in the future can make their time more valuable. This is why you don’t waste a VIP’s (very important person) time. You believe that his time is more precious than anyone else.


But maybe it’s a different discussion altogether, when you have to start re-identifying the people and the activities that should be worth spending your time with. Time can be a very tricky concept. You spend time with your children and your spouse, and you know that no matter how little time during the day you get to spend with them, you know each second is worth it. Spending time with the people we love is never a waste of time after all. In the same manner that working through long hours in order to achieve a goal should never be considered a waste of time.

What is important to you Chalk Illustration

What about you? How do you value your time? Who and what activities are worth your while? Share your story in the comments section below.








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